Energy Windmills in Texas, No Costs, Just Pay

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Texans like to say that they do everything in a big way. Fortunately, when it comes to the production of energy via the wind, they would be accurate. In fact, there is more power generated with the wind in the state of Texas than any other in the country. This explosion in the use of [...]

Green Your Lifestyle and Save Money

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Going green is not just a way to look trendy and hip. Many people are finding that going green preserve their local environment and also helps them to save money. Finding ways to recycle, repair and reuse helps to prevent pollution, conserve resources and live more economically. A few tips can help to join this [...]

Six Reasons Why the Continued Use of Fossil Fuels Is Harming the Earth

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The Earth’s ecology is a surprisingly delicate system that is being detrimentally affected by mankind’s continued usage of fossil fuels. Most are only aware of the highly publicized issues that come with using these fuel supplies. There are a lot more where those came from, unfortunately.Here are six ways that the environment can be negatively [...]

Seven Ways You Can Start Using Renewable Energy in Your Own Home

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Renewable energy comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, and rain that can be easily replenished. There are several ways to begin using renewable energy sources at home. Installing solar powered lights is a simple and inexpensive way to light outdoor spaces. These lights store sun energy during the day and require no electrical [...]

Are Large Scale Windmills a Threat to Birds?

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As our natural resources continue to diminish, many renewable energy companies are turning to wind power to keep the lights in our homes on at night. While wind power has proven to be an acceptable alternative energy source to traditional fossil fuels, there has been some concern that that the turbines are a threat to [...]

Nevada Decides to Make the Switch from Coal Power to Renewable Energy

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Due to perceived uncertainty in environmental regulations and a need to upgrade from aging coal facilities, NV Energy, the largest utility company in Nevada, has announced its decision to switch from coal to natural gas and renewable energy. The company will be closing four coal plants near Las Vegas. It will also contract or acquire [...]

Why Global Warming Is Causing Droughts, Wildfires and Hurricanes

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Scientists say that as global warming increases, weather events will become more extreme. Dry areas will be more susceptible to droughts and wildfires, and hurricanes will be more frequent and bigger. Since 1970, precipitation has shrunk even in the tropics due to global warming. Areas that are already dry are expanding, and water resources in [...]